[SOLVED]How to make android phones work with pfSense OpenVPN server?

  • Hi All,

    I setup pfSense OpenVPN server without any issue, OpenVPN Clients on PC worked like charm, downloaded the config file from Client Export tab. I would like to use it with my Note2 (running Jellybeam 4.1.2), but seems it's not possible.  I have tried OpenVPN Connect and OpenVPN for Android, both apps were listed on the Client Export page, I thought they should be working, BUT Both of them have issues.

    OpenVPN Connect gives the following when trying to connect to my pfSense VPN Server:

    Android Bug
    Sorry, due to a known bug in this version of Android, it is not possible to gain permission to open a VPN tunnel.​

    OpenVPN for Android also will not connect and the following is in the log file:

    VPN API permission dialog cancelled:
    Your image does not support the VPNService API, sorry : (

    Is there any known solution or settings I could adjust in order to use a VPN service with my phone?



  • Solved by enable VPNDialogs system app, it was frozen and disabled before, using OpenVPN for Android.

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