Suricata 3.0

  • Gentlemen:

    A question, what are the features of Suricata 3.0. Will Suricata 3.0 be deployed with Pfsense 2.3? I looked for a description of Suricata 3.0 but was not able to finds a feature description.

  • Suricata 3.0 is the new name for what was formerly called Suricata 2.1-BETA.  It is now in Release Candidate stage (currently on RC3).  There is some information posted about it on the Suricata site, but you have to dig around for the finer details.  Nothing really earth-shattering in terms of new features as compared to the 2.0.x Suricata tree.  The biggest bang in Suricata 3.0 comes from the new support for Netmap.  This allows super high speed packet handling with most major NICs (although Netmap support is network card driver dependent, so not every NIC will support it initially).

    Suricata 3.0 will be in pfSense 2.3.  Work is currently in progress to convert the GUI to the new Bootstrap code used in pfSense 2.3.  Once that work is complete, a Suricata 3.0RC3 package (or whatever the current version is) will be released for pfSense.


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