Widgets Ghosts in dashboard (2.2.6-release)

  • Hello everyone

    I'm facing something strange about the dashboard and widgets.
    I think, but cannot be sure, it happened after the pfblockerng package installation

    On the dashboard:

    1. I add the "System information" Widget –> I have one "System information" on my dashboard
    2. I click the "Save settings" button  --> there is now Three "system information" on the dashboard

    from now, i can only close one of the three "System info" widgets

    If i close this one, there is still two widgets, but if i hit "save" with those two widgets displayed, they disappear.

    It seems i can close the two widgets left if i move them to another column, but that do not change anything they still reappear after adding and saving.

    I tried to clean the dashboard, problem comes everytime i add this widget.

    Some informations :

    • i'm on 2.2.6-release
    • on any browsers
    • problem with "system information", pfblockerNG, or Snort widgets at least
    • tested with the ng-fs (1 to 3 columns) and ng themes

    Is there any way to "clean" the dashboard settings?
    any other idea ?

    thanks in advance

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