URL Table Alias Edit Bug

  • Hey phil, or anyone who what's to contribute.  Here's a bug for ya.

    Firewall / Aliases Edit - Type URL Table (IPs)

    The address "mask" is being used as the update frequency in days.  But it does not seem to be retained (not populated with saved value when editing an existing alias).

    Looks like it saves it to the config.  Just doesn't seem to load it from config when editing.

  • What format are you using to input the URL?
    I guess you have managed to successfully save one of these aliases. I tried using a format that I have in production use on a 2.2.6 system, like:


    and the webGUI tells me "Please match the requested format".

    So the first thing I need to get past is to know what is now the "requested format" of the URL or fix the bug in input validation for that case.

  • The html pattern there is incorrect.  Submitted a PR for it a few days ago but has not been merged.
    That field gets used for a variety of formats.  IPv4, IPv6, Alias, Port #, and URLs.  So for some types the character set is pretty well defined.  But not for URL.  The underscore and perhaps slashes in your URL is what's breaking it.


  • Developer Netgate

    Sorry, I missed that one. Its a nice PR too :)

    Now merged.


  • That was good to have it merged - saves messing about with possible conflicts.
    Here is PR https://github.com/pfsense/pfsense/pull/2463 to fix the problem with not re-loading the updatefreq on edit.

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