How much for these features?

  • Hi,

    I'd name a price, but I don't know what is a fair $ amount, particularly since I use a different currency.

    Once a few people have given me a minimum and upper amount, I'll try to post a fair average price for them.

    I hope it is cool to ask for a bounty this way?


    Btw, these ideas have been copied from this post (they have been suggested by another user):,8255.0.html

    I hope it's okay to repost them here - particuarly as I'm looking for someone to develop them and they'd benefit everyone including the person who posted the ideas.

    –---------------Copy and Paste Begins -----------------

    1. - where config.xml files are shared like templates.

    A user needs a particular network setup, but is unsure if they have configured the basics correctly in pfsense, so they:
    a) visit the above page,
    b) browse/search for a config file that matches/closest to their network requirements,
    c) and download to their PC/laptop/device to upload to their pfsense box.

    Configs would be listed with the format of standard network diagram/text description/numeric stat's (eg ip ranges)/etc (number of users downloaded/rating/case studies/whatever).

    2. Config.xml file download facility in pfsense – like for packages.

    A user could:
    a) browse the same (as 1) config file sharing library within pfsense itself - and download config files as they can packages now - with the facility to activate one.
    b) upload config files from within pfsense to the same library for sharing successful, experimental (for research), and problematic (for diagnosis) setups.
    c) possibly choose from a few rudimentary config files included locally with initial pfsense setups, allowing users to choose from them immediately (and before having a net connection) - like the convenience of templates.

    3. AJAX/DHTML Network Builder Page in pfSense.

    A user could create networks, firewall rules, etc, on a single interactive page within pfsense... get design feedback based on standard networking rules, and ultimately share the resulting config files as per 1 and 2 above.
    The dashboard page coming in 1.3 (and available as a package for 1.2) demonstrates the possibility of this.

    There would have to be some security checks built into sharing config files, for example:
    a) a preview system in pfsense for users to check for personal info before sending;
    b) an automated checker/swapper in preview stage and in the web repository;
    c) a standard notation for dummy data so users could easily swap with their own settings.
    d) and a bunch of stuff I haven't thought of but smarter/more learned pfsense users would suggest (this applies to all the suggested ideas above.=)

    -----------------Copy and Paste Ends -----------------

    If you could quote for 2) and 3).

    I imagine 1) could easily become part of the pfSense wiki - just a place to share config files - like Firefox's Addon's page, has stable and experimental addons - pfSense page could have different categories of config files depending on whether/how they have been tested etc.

    But if 2) were possible, it could be linked to feature 1), and then setting up pfSense would become lot easier for noobs like me.

    1. May be dreaming. But please quote anyway. Then I can decide if price is fair.

    I look forward to your quotes.


  • I think that would be a good Idea. One could even put a price on a resourse like that.

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