New Installed PFSense firewall (Setup HELP)

  • Hi All!
    need help, reccomendation and tutorial im a newbie in firewalling and PFSense so kindly help me please  ;D
    Here's my set up
    Have a HOST server Win2012R2 VIRTUALIZED in 2, 1 VirtualMachine as DNS, DHCP, ActiveDirectoy and Application Server and the other VirtualMachine as Exchange Server 2013.. has a VLAN Switch setup in HyperV
    I installed PFSense on a separate box as firewall/router.

    My Physical connection for this>>>
    I want my 2 Virtual Machines to access the internet what i must config to correctly done this? thank you in advance.

  • You've just to configure the network settings correctly. Ensure the subnet mask is correct, the pfSenses LAN address ( is the gateway and define DNS servers.
    Then the internet access should work.

    pfSense has a allow any to any rule by default at LAN interface, so any outbound traffic should be permitted.
    For accessing your servers from outside, you have to add NAT rules and firewall rules.

  • Tnx for the reply viragomann., can you give me detailed example based on what i want to happen on my setup? I just cant figure what to do to accomplish this. :(

  • Your hyperV will connect to the NIC you tell it to connect to. Each virtual machine will pull their own IP address and have their own MAC. You will see each machine in the DHCP leases.
    Your setup is a very basic setup.

    Install PfSense on your box, choose your interfaces (WAN, LAN), set your IP address for the LAN, log into the web gui and set anything else you want to set.

    The best experience you'll get is from diving in and getting dirty.

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