OpenVPN: One user per computer or per person?

  • I have the OpenVPN server running, and it works well! Much easier than trying to make it work on a DD WRT jobber.

    My question is this: When setting up user profiles, do I need one per computer that is connected, or one per person? In other words, I have an iPhone and a Macbook pro that I use. Will the server let them simultaneously connect with the same authentication? Or do I need one for the Macbook and one for the iPhone for them to access the network at the same time?

  • If you want to allow multiple connections per user go to the server settings and check this option.

  • I usually create a user account for each device - that way, if one gets lost/stolen, you can just revoke the account for that device, rather than having to put new configs on everything else that shared the same profile.

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