Can't find Wifi Router on the network?

  • I have a fresh install of 2.2.6. I am set up as follows: ISP Modem > PFsense Box > Unmanaged Switch > Clients and Wifi Router

    Under DHCP leases, I see all of the clients connected, including the ones connected via Wifi. I do not, however, see the router itself. Wifi works fine and the wireless devices can browse just fine. My iPhone indicates an IP of 10.0.01. I cannot browse to that IP. I have tried two different browsers and cleared the cache on both. I have powercycled a few times. Normally, the IP for the Netgear is (I changed it from

    When I was connected ISP Modem > Wifi Router > Clients I could access the GUI just fine.

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    If you set a static IP address on the router it won't appear in DHCP Leases.

    If you want to be able to get at our management port you have to set the IP address to something in the range of the LAN subnet

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    Crossposting is not good idea..

    I answered this question in your duplicate thread about this here

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