HEADS UP: print_info_box_np() - R.I.P

  • Developer Netgate

    Package developers please note:

    The function print_info_box_np() has been retired. (Actually buried) It used to do some trickery such as detecting the word "apply" in a text string and automatically generating an "Apply" button.

    This proved to be problematic  when you wanted to use that word but did NOT want a button, when you wanted a button called something else, or when you were using a language other than English which used a different word for "apply".

    The function print_info_box() now accepts a button name and button text explicitly so you can create any button you like (or not), and to make things easier still, a new function print_apply_box() automatically creates an information box with an apply button in your language of choice. You might use it like this:

    print_apply_box(sprintf(gettext("The package configuration has been changed.%sYou must apply the changes in order for them to take effect.”), "

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