Firewall Separator

  • Wish the firewall rules execution order could be specified independently of the list order so my separators order could be: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.  ;)

    Although that would be cool.  The real reason for this post is to say two things.

    1. Like the separators.
    2. Would be nice if dragging them to the top would scroll the page up so don't have to drop them mid way, scroll the page up, wash rinse, repeat.
    3. When selecting the color the page scroll to the top and have to scroll back down to bottom to save the separator.

    Okay so that was more than 2 things (under commit, over deliver).

    Oh one other thing I forgot.  Is it possible to drag rules via touch?  Can only seem to drag with mouse/stylus.

    Oh and one more thing.  Separators can't be consecutive.  All but one is deleted when saving.

  • Developer Netgate

    Glad you like them. I plan to add then to the NAT pages soon.

    There are several things it would be "nice" to do with the separators: The things you have suggested, the ability to edit an existing separator etc, but we have to weigh the usefulness against the effort required to implement.

    The separators were quite difficult to implement and doing much more to them would require that we revise the way the whole rules page works. At the moment, I can't really justify that amount of work for something that is really just a convenience feature used by a limited number of people.

    We'll see how things look after the first release.

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