PFblockerNG whitelist LAN IP

  • 2.2.6-RELEASE
    bandwidthd 	Network Management 	0.6.3
    darkstat 	Network Management 	3.1.1
    Lightsquid 	Network Management 	2.43
    ntopng 	Network Management 	0.8.2
    pfBlockerNG 	Security 	2.0.4
    Sarg 	Network Management 	0.6.10
    snort 	Security
    squid3 	Services 	0.4.7
    squidGuard 	Network Management 	1.9.18 

    Can anyone help me find how to whitelist some of the LAN IP (Eg ?
    because i am using PfblockerNG for blocking adsĀ  but manager need to view ads from

    which appears at top of google search page (currently it is redirecting to IP address

    inging []

  • Go to pfBlockerNG \ DNSBL then scroll down to the very bottom and add then save, switch to the Update tab and force a reload.

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