How to pass ping to PC on LAN

  • I have search this forum and the web, as well as played with the rules and I can not figure out how to pass ICMP ping packets.

    I have pfsense setup as a router with a WAN hooked to my DSL connection and my LAN hooked to 2 PCs. I want to be able to remotely ping a PC on the LAN side of my pfsense by pinging the WAN IP address of pfsense. This is for remote monitoring via solar winds network monitor. This seems like it would be simple, maybe I'm making it too hard. Please help…Thanks!

  • You'd need a VIP and a 1-1 with the appropriate firewall rules. Or you could create a VPN tunnel between the sites. Or you could use something else for monitoring that used an agent instead of relying on pings.

  • Thanks dotdash, I set up a virtual IP, then did a 1:1 from the WAN subnet to the LAN subnet, then passed ICMP from the WAN to the PC and by-golly, it worked.

    Thanks again!

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