How to put yahoo voice and msn voice on high priority queue such as voip

  • i have been trying this from long but cant find a way to actually put the msn voice and yahoo voice inclusind googletalk voice in the same high priority queue as the voip one.
    basically on my network, a lot of p2p download goes on but i want to put all voice chats through messenegrs in the same voip queue of the traffic shaper so voice chats dont break up or lag but i tried multiple ways but cant find a specific port or ip or even a SIP or RTP protocol section which i can prioritize so voice chats dont suffer due to p2p downloads.
    by default voice chats are considered as p2p traffic and end up there

  • Yahoo voice uses UDP 5000-5010 and TCP 5000-5001. The webcam port is TCP 5100. I'm not sure what ports Google Talk uses, but you should be able to look them up and add all of them to the queue that has the higher priority.

  • i shall try it in some while and let u know

    one mroe thing is that is there a way to forward a set of ports for multiple lan clients, for eg:, the same yahoo ports can i open it up for multiple lan clients behind pfsense using nat?

  • hi

    could you please post how to do it if you in here.

    thank you

    hadi 57

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