X86 vs x64

  • Ok, I know that I'll probably take some flack for this, but, I am wondering where everyone stands on 32bit vs 64bit of 2.3

    I am currently running 2.3x64 on somewhat of a frankenmachine that I have pieced together over the years.  I am planning on moving it into a decommissioned fileserver which is only 32bit.
    This is for my home office, on a 940/100 fiber connection.  I will only have 1, maybe 2 IPSec tunnels going at any one time, and the same goes for L2TP/IPSec connections.  Nothing too crazy.  Machine will not have > 4gb RAM anyways.

    Does this sound like a bad idea, or for what I am doing with it, am I safe?

  • IIRC, ESF has said that x86 builds will be deprecated at some point in the nearish future, so going that route is a dead-end.

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    KOM is correct. After 2.3.x the x86 builds are likely to be discontinued, so that isn't a great path to take unless you're OK with being stuck eventually.

    You'll still get some use out of it for the time being but I wouldn't consider that a good long-term plan.

    Once upon a time we preferred the 32-bit builds since they were well-tested, that was several years ago though. Now practically all new (or reasonably new) hardware is 64-bit capable and that's where our focus is, and that's what gets the most testing.

    More here: https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Is_32-bit_or_64-bit_pfSense_Preferred

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