• Hello my friends i would like to post this question again in Captive portal , because it seems a common problem between CARP and Captive portal,
    I configured CARP in two PFsense machines as  follows
    Pfsense 1:
    Cayptive portal1:

    Pfsense 2:
    Captive portal2:
    Firewal => Virtual IPs : i set the WAN virtual IP as
                                                      LAN virtual IP as
                                                      Captive portal virtual IP :
    then i edit the DHCP server of the Captive portal in such away the gateway is (Virtual IP address of the Captive portal interface )

    i also edit the NAT for the whole entries => manual Outbound => translation interface = virtual IP address of the WAN )

    CARP works good as redundancy , what ever i change in master machine , it changes automatically in backup machine.
    The problems , the clients connected to captive portal interface cant access internet , also i cant ping the virtual Ip address

    note : firewall for all interfaces : every thing allowed (any to any allowed)

    is there any thing to edit in the configuration or the DHCP server
    what do you suggest

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

  • You are right , sorry for that , just wanted to discuss it with captive portal experts as well :)

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