Proxy blocked by firewall

  • I have installed squid as proxy at my pfsense machine now I'm having problems with connecting to it. I want to do following setting

    NoneLocal Computer –-> proxy ----> web pages

    Any ideas. Do I have to create NAT rule? I don't know how to manage this problem.

    Thanks for the anwsers

  • Where is the proxy - do you have a rule on allowing traffic:

    a) From the computer to the proxy
    b) From the proxy to the Internet

  • I have installed squid and it is setup to port 3128 (default one)

    than I created rule to forward port 3128 to localhost (on pfsense)

    I don't know what is the right way.

    Which rules do I have to apply to NAT?

    3128 –- > ? So I have to do 3128 ( ip) --> bounce ---> 80 to outer world? how :)

    do I have to forward port 3128 to port 80? To which IP? which is IP if my pfsense machine or to as in localhost?

  • You don't have to create any NAT rules, indeed they may cause you problems.

    Just ensure that you don't block traffic to port 3128/TCP on the LAN interface.  At that point you should be able to connect to the proxy without problems.

  • Nothing is getting blocked. Thing is that Im having no problems connecting to proxy through LAN. But connection from noLAN computer gets blocked.

  • Ok, so you want a device on the WAN to be able to connect to the proxy?

    1. Select both WAN and LAN in the Squid interfaces list (in the Squid config pages) (and select how you want to restrict access - via authentication or IP ranges)
    2. Create a rule on the WAN interface allowing traffic to reach the WAN IP on port 3128/TCP

  • Thanks its working.

    The problem was that WAN LAN selection. I didn't think about it :)

    Thanks again

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