Squid with pfsense2.2.6

  • Hello !
    please i need help with the below if someone has the same issue ?

    -i download squid3 package 0.4.7 version on pfsense 2.2.6 ,FreeBSD10.1, to block https and filter only the traffic that i need to pass but whenever i tried to download Diladele web safety and setup the recommended steps as the below URL http://docs.diladele.com/tutorials/filtering_https_traffic_squid_pfsense/diladele.html

    –i faced an error while doing : cd  scripts.pfsense/ 
    on shell it gives me ( No such a file or directory  )

    -- i can't install Diladele websafety to processed with Squid3 to block https

    so any luck by that

  • I've never installed this Diladele thingy before but I suspect it's just a typo on their end.  Use /scripts instead of /scripts.pfsense, or create /scripts.pfsense:

    mkdir /scripts.pfsense

  • i do appreciate your reply but when i apply cd scripts.pfsense it should provide me with the below results as per the attached but when i type mkdir /script.pfsense  >>> gives me File Exists then sh prerequisties.sh :no such file or directory

    even when i try to fetch python27 from ftp ,doesn't exist although the file is accessible normally

  • Did you copy or create this prerequisties.sh script file in the /scripts.pfsense directory?  Show us output of what you're doing, not what they're doing.

  • i'm trying to follow the steps in order to install Diladele web safety with Squid3 so i can block https and filter the traffic and here's the output of what i got :

  • sh prerequisties.sh

    It might work better if you spelled the script properly.  It's prerequisites.sh, not prerequisties.sh.  You're not even in the scripts.pfsense folder when you run the command.  And is that file even there as I asked?  I'm getting the impression that you're not that familiar with *nix and working with a shell.

  • that's what i'm trying to explain as you said i'm not familiar with such a case ,and i tired to upload all the files :01_update.sh ,,02_apache.sh
    through the command prompt under Diagnostics
    and i can't get in script folder as you said and that's as per the previous error
    cd  scripts.pfsense/ 
    on shell it gives me >>>/scripts.pfsense: No such a file or directory

  • I might suggest that you try going through a free short online Linux Basics tutorial before you go any further so that you get some needed education on how to move around the file system, how to create & copy files, etc, or this entire exercise will just frustrate you.  Here is one, for example:


    Note that pfSense is based on FreeBSD, not Linux, but all the same concepts still apply.

    Creating these scripts by typing them in manually is a guaranteed way to make a mistake.  You are better off cutting & pasting the scripts into their respective files on your local computer and then using a pfSense package like File Manager to actually upload the script files to their destination on pfSense.  Then you can try to run them.

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