Making an open proxy

  • So, I've just recently finished installing PFsense and put squidGaurd and Squid on it, but I'm just wondering how I would go about making a proxy that I could connect to from anywhere that has certain websites blocked (businesses or schools that block youtube or a forum website for example). I was watching EliTheComputerGuy the other day and it sounded easy enough to set one up at home with PFsense and connect to it from outside in order to bypass all of the security issues and whatnot associated. Any help towards this question would be greatly appreciated.

  • This question doesn't really have anything to do with routing or Multi-WAN, and should instead be in the Cache/Proxy forum.

    That said, you can tell Squid to bind to your WAN interface.  You would also have to add a rule on WAN to allow it to accept incoming traffic on port 3128.  However, I don't see the point of what you're doing since you can't enforce usage of the proxy unless you're dealing with very non-technical users.  What is the scenario you're trying to work with here?

  • You don't want an open proxy, it'll probably be no more than a few hours until someone finds it and starts abusing it. Much better off setting up a VPN and routing all traffic through it.

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