Routing multiple LAN-s in OpenVPN

  • Hello,
    i Have this situation

    I have
    PC0 in network that is connected to RouterA

    RouterA is connected to RouterB via OpenVPN

    PC1 in network that is connected to RouterB
    PC2 in network that is connected to RouterB

    PC0 and PC1 can ping one another
    PC1 and PC2 can ping one another

    PC0 and PC2 cant ping one another

    How to tell RouterA when some one ping network that he send packages on RouterB?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Which end is the OpenVPN server and which is the client?

  • Router A is server and RouterB is client

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Add to the Remote Networks on Router A and be sure traffic is allowed from on Router A's OpenVPN tab or assigned interface.

  • Thanks mate,
    I did what you told me to do, tested Ping and tracert and it worked!

    When i tried to connect to database which is in network i could not connect.

    I than started ping and tracert again, and it didnt worked anymore.

    I can still ping network.
    I attached printscreen of my VPN / OpenVPN / Server / Tunel settings / IPv4 Remote Network settings on Server

    Is there any other thing that maybe blocking my traffic?
    Thanks again!
    PS: Sorry for my bad English :-[

  • Do you have more OpenVPN connections up than this one at server or client?

  • Yes, i have 19 of them.
    I manage to setup connection, ping and tracert is working now.

    I now need to allow SQL connection from PC0 to PC2
    SQL server is on PC2

    If i understand this, i need to create port forwarding for SQL ports on RouterA?

  • 19 vpn servers or clients?!

    No, you don't need port forwarding there. The traffic is routed between the host over vpn.
    If the routing is working you just need a firewall rule allowing the traffic on openvpn interface of router A, as Derelict mentioned above.

    Do have set an outbound NAT rule for the vpn traffic on router B for the networks interface?

  • Im sorry guys, but I still didnt make this work
    This is My network topology.

    Edi and Ted can ping one another
    Ted and Maria can ping one another

    Edi and Maria CANT ping one another

    USA is my VPN server for 19 VPN clients. This is first time that i need to add 2 LAN networks on one VPN Client.

    When i ping from Spain pfSense /24 port on USA pfSense /24 port it works.

    When i ping PC to PC it doesnt work

    I added Firewall rule to allow ICMP protocol any to any on all three networks.

    How to allow them to ping.
    What am i missing?
    Thanks a lot

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Local software firewalls on the PCs?

  • This appears to be a simple setup… post the openvpn configs from both sides (server1.conf and client1.conf respectively) and we'll have a better idea of what is happening.

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