Pfsense problem and HTTP redirection

  • Hello everyone.

    I installed virtualbox on pfsense. I have two interfaces wan and lan  (classic) on my VM pfsense. I added a Vm win7 in an internal network behind my LAN interface. For now everything works fine, I have Internet on Vm win7.
    Then I added a captive portal but I have to make myself redirection. When I open my web browser, I do not fall directly on my captive portal … I have to type in http: // monserveurpfsense: 8002. Normally pfsense must make alone redirect from HTTP and HTTPS requests.
    For now, I'm out of ideas to solve this problem.

    If someone would have an idea on the problem ???

  • Same here already have posted it ,what version are you using?

  • What are you using for DNS? The browser has to be able to resolve an external address before redirecting to the portal page. Until you've authenticated, external DNS servers are unavailable, so the best thing is to set PFS as a DNS forwarder and use the firewall as your primary DNS for your LAN clients.

  • Try updating to new version 2.1.5 ,this version it  works to me .

  • The version is 2.2.6, the last

    And for the dns, I added a dns server windows server 2008 r2, it is functional, but as you say, it is not until we reached has not authenticated to the captive portal. You could tell me how to put the local dns in place?

    I'll put the 2.1.5

  • If you want to use a Windows DNS server (good idea if you're working in a Windows environment), just add the IP of your Windows DNS server to list of 'allowed IPs' in your captive portal config. Then set your Windows server to use an external name server as it's forwarder (, etc). Your clients will then be able to resolve external names via your Windows server and your captive portal page will load correctly.

  • It works great !! I thank you  :)

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