Floating Rule Broke Roku Channels

  • So I've got a short thread here: https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=106256.0

    Basically I got Traffic Shaping working, finally after a long hard fight.  So now I want to play with the queues a bit and last night I created a Floating rule like so:

    TCP  Source *  Port *  Destination *  Port 80  Gateway *  Queue  qAck/qOthersLow

    The this morning I discovered that the Netflix, Hulu and CBSN channels on my Roku all failed to contact the server.  Since that was the last change I made I disabled it and viola! they worked again.

    I wouldnt think that the Roku traffic would be over port 80 but even so how would have putting that traffic into a queue with a higher priority break it?

  • Ok so I found out that Rokus do use port 80, so maybe I need to somehow exclude the Roku's IP.  Although streaming media to that IP should be of a higher queue than qp2p/bulk.

  • No thoughts from anyone?

  • I fail to believe that none of you smarter-than-me folks have a comment on this.

  • bump

  • Anything in the Firewall log to do with your Roku IP address?

  • Couldn't you do that same floating rule, but tick the 'not' and add the roku ip's in an alias…?  Only thing that comes to mind.

    Can you give more info on your traffic setup; up/down #'s, limitations you're trying to overcome?

    Generally I focus traffic shaper on things that require priority and leave all else default.  Then tweak as needed.  High volume or very limited bandwidth require a lot more tweaking.

    hope this helps.

  • Ok so I revisited the floating rules page and I guess I missed it in the like 40 pre-existing rules here where HTTP was already defined.  The rule was sending it to the qDefault Others queue.  Weird thing is I dont have that particular queue on the LAN interface.. only on all 3 WANs.

    Also peculiar is the LAN interface has no bandwidth specified.  Now here's another bit of labelling failure, the bandwidth line does not specify Up or Down…us idiots would benefit from having that laid out in the description.

    So right now all three WANs have 128kb in the bandwidth field and the lan was nothing, is this as it should be?

    All three dsl lines are 3mb down/and I think 128 or 256k up.  I chose 128kb since speedtest.net said my upload was only .18mb.

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