Cannot ping on few devices on LAN?

  • Hi,
    I was wondering if someone could guide me on what could be the issue.

    So I have been working with OpenVPN everything is working but noticed a few LAN devices cannot ping while I see on the ARP its there and i can ping it on pfSense but though the OpenVPN nothing :(

    Here are the screen shots I can ping like pfSense and access the webgui

    But whats funny is that i cannot ping it but i can access the webGui odd…

    Thank you

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You're trying to ping the connected clients?

    It's probably local firewalls on the clients. They might see the tunnel network as local and allow the pings from there and see the LAN network as foreign and block them. Just a guess.

  • Thanks for the reply,

    I will have to check if its the firewall, but whats odd also tried to ping another device the apple TV and nothing :(

    Also as on the firewall rules on pfSense you can see that the ping went though

  • The fact that you can access your web server, but cannot ping it via OpenVPN tells me most likely everything is working, but ICMP is being blocked by the windows firewall.  There are a couple things that you need to check:

    • First and foremost, make sure everything you want to connect to is using PFsense as the default gateway

    • By default, the windows firewall blocks ICMP echo replies from traffic sourced outside of it's local subnet, which is why you can access your webserver, but cannot ping it.  You will either have to disable the windows firewall or create a windows firewall exception for ICMP echo replies.

    • Make sure the firewall rules on both interfaces allow the traffic, which from the screen shot of your log it looks like they do, but doesn't hurt to double check

  • Thank you it seems that it was the firewall of the computer the weirdest  thing as if connected though LAN able to ping but on OpenVPN nothing until the firewall is down on the PC

    Thank you again

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