(Solved) Access Point Setup To Client infrastructure $50

  • I am assuming this is easy for some. Have had some problems myself. I am a small fish in a big lake.
    I don't really understand the bounty thing so if I offend anyone please let my know why. I have a setup in adhoc mode now and it seems to do well. Would like to use the full 54G though.
    I Would like to setup AP to Infrastructure Instead.

    Current Setup In Test Lab
    Gateway dual wan 1 lan pfsense captive portal dhcp squid lan ip
    pfsense 2 - wan (pfsense) lan - bridged Access Point
    pfsnese 3 - wan (pfsense) lan -  infrastructure

    Of Course this does not work. Need the Lan to have this subnet though.

    What I need is a XML for the AP & Client.

    Please let me know how payment should be made.

  • This is listed as "solved".  Did you contract with someone and complete the bounty or did you figure it out yourself?  Would you mind writing it up for others if you solved it yourself?

  • Solved it myself will post info soon.

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