• see attachment

  • Yeh, I had scrolled down to Save and also thought it looked odd. But what to do - the Static Mappings section is a variable-length "child" list. So the Save button is actually currently at the end of the settings that it saves.
    The Network Booting section is "advanced" settings and normally closed - that makes it feel more odd. Maybe that can be fixed up to be more like the other advanced things above it that can be opened/expanded. Then the UI might be more easily understood?

  • Maybe have a second set of tabs per-interface… Settings, Advanced settings (move all of those collapsed sections to the Advanced tab), and a tab for the static entries. Save buttons can go at the bottom of each page.

    Just a thought... there's a lot on that page that ISN'T showing because it's so long... move some of that to a new page instead.

  • looking now , i see this problem in other pages like dns revolver and others.

  • It's not a problem, it's by design and how it's always been. Those pages can have long lists of static mappings, domain overrides, host overrides, at the bottom so putting the save button above those is the best place.