Pfsense as vm on virtualbox running on ubuntu 15.10 workstation

  • This has me a little confused.  I have installed pfsense 2.2.6 as a vm on a virtualbox running on ubuntu.  This system is running on a msi micro MB that has a gig (realtek) ethernet interface.  I installed a dual Intel NIC to keep the WAN and LAN interfaces separate.  I have natted the first adapter and created an internal network on the second adapter with the pfsense VM.  I am unable to pull any IPs for my current machine that is connected to one of the interfaces on the dual NIC intel card.  Plus, i have a crossover cable from my PC that is running ubuntu and virtualbox to the verizon FIOS actiontec router.  pfsense noob, please help with what is going on.  Been trying to get this up since yesterday.  What happens if I bridge both the VM adapters to the physical NICs and use one for the WAN and the other for LAN.  Thanks for your help.

    ![Screenshot from 2016-02-06 20-39-36.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screenshot from 2016-02-06 20-39-36.png)
    ![Screenshot from 2016-02-06 20-39-36.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screenshot from 2016-02-06 20-39-36.png_thumb)

  • Create another lightweight VM on your LAN intnet and use that to access the firewall's admin page.  You can't get there from WAN.

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