VPN issue in 2.2.6

  • Hello All,
    I have a pfSense box at Site A (running 2.1.0, can't be upgraded at this time) and one running at Site B (running 2.2.6) I have a VPN tunnel between the 2 of them (OpenVPN server at A and Client on B) that for the past 6 months has been trouble free. Mostly, a lot of RDP and some regular web pages are run over the VPN (SiteA hosting, B being the client).

    The client was running 2.2.1, no issues, 2.2.2, etc all the way through 2.2.5 no issues. Open RDP, type address, hit connect and good to go. Ever since the 2.2.6 upgrade though… issues. When they hit connect it times out failing to connect. However if they hit connect a second time it connects no issue. It is specific to RDP - webpages load fine.

    Obviously I will be rolling them back to 2.2.5 to confirm it is a 2.2.6 issue, and obviously there is a lot of other variables, etc... but has anyone else had this issue?

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