RRD graphing…

  • Hi.

    How do I configure RRD graphing via web interface? If I want to do a graphing of quality on any other interface than WAN, I get the message: " Sorry we do not have data to graph quality for [interface] with."

    So, what is preconfigured peer on WAN interface to do that graphing and where can I set peers for other interfaces?

    BTW, Scott, in RELENG_1_SNAPSHOT_04-10-2006 (updated from cvs yesterday at 16:20) you linked /usr/local/www/rrd to /var/run/rrd, that is obviously wrong, instead to /var/db/rrd, as it was before…


  • It's pinging the gateway IP at WAN. As your other interfaces don't have gateways there is no quality for these.

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