OpenVPN client to be able to access subnet across ipsec P2P. $100

  • IPSEC P2P between Site A and B

    Site A is
    Site B is

    Site A OpenVPN client is and needs to be able to access endpoints.

    Currently the Point to Point and client OpenVPN is setup and configured and working.  Just unable to pass traffic between openvpn client to Site B.

    Remote session using remote control software so I can record process and understand and validate it is working.

  • Hello,

    I can help you with that!  :)

    I have the same thing up and running (IPsec site2site with 2 /24 subnets; OpenVPN dialup one one side, able to reach subnet on other side of tunnel).
    Which timezone are you in?


  • I also have it working, the only thing you need to do is to push the route to the clients in the Advanced configurations

    If you have more than one subnets joined by IpSec, remember to put ;  at the end of each option

    push "route";
    push "route";

    Hope works for you

  • Ended up getting this resolved with IPSec instead.

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