Traffic shaping OPT1 slows LAN interface

  • i've run the wizard twice to make sure i wasn't making a simple mistake and not selecting the wrong interface. i am trying to shape the OPT1 interface (i have 1 WAN and 2 LANs, OPT1 being a public LAN) but it seems to kill my LAN speed as well. anyone have any suggestions?

    my overall ADSL speed is 16000/2500, ideally i would like LAN to be completely unrestricted, and OPT1 throttled for speed to 4096/512, and certain protocols like HTTP, RDP, VOIP etc prioritized, and any P2P throttled to 2048/256 and deprioritized.

    my machine's specs are in my signature, thanks in advance

  • FAQ.  Shaping only works correctly with 2 interfaces on 1.2.

  • ahh. sorry i did see that but i read that to mean it would only shape one interface, not that it doesn't work at all if you have multiple interfaces.

    thanks for the reply, at least i know

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