Squid no internet

  • For those of us who have reported no internet with squid transparent active in the forums here and received no answer hope may be in site. I noticed a bug report on red mine this morning. Number 5869!!!

  • Thanks for the update brian

  • They marked it as not a bug. I don't know what to say. Many of us are having the same trouble. A week ago today one of the guys grabbed my configs to investigate. I haven't heard anything since so i'm not sure were it stands.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    We can't replicate it and there was no useful detail in the bug report, so it was closed. Please keep all of this in the thread that already exists for the problem.

  • I closed it because "squid transparent mode Ends internet access is open" isn't a bug description, it's more like a random collection of words. There is nothing we can do to fix something that has absolutely no useful information about any kind of problem.

    But after seeing Brian's comment, I'm guessing it's probably safe to assume it's in reference to the 2.3 squid transparent proxy issue in a half dozen other threads here, and updated it accordingly. I can easily replicate that problem.

    Leaving this locked as a duplicate of the several other threads on same topic, bump one of the others if you'd like to discuss further.

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