What sites are visited by user

  • Hi I setup successfully  a captive portal and have squid3 installed and set successfully  in transparent mode and in real time reports I can see what sites are visited and ipm but is there a way I can see per user? I get ip date time but user is blank, what I would like to do is monitor users activity like what sites are they visiting thanks regards Chris

  • I think this might be what you're looking for:


  • wow all this work just to see what sites are visited by user name ? this should be by default as I see it it misses a big part of the captive portal point it is no use to just see a ip the best part of captive portal s to nerrow down per user monitoring if needed

  • Squid operates independently of the captive portal, so the only user information you parse through it is the Windows user name. Hence the instructions for binding Squid to Active Directory. You can get an idea of bandwidth used per user, time online etc if you use Daloradius as your authentication server.

  • So there is no way in pfsense directly or maybe a app that can show what sites are visited by local user ?

  • The CP simply handles authentication, not proxying. What you're asking for is a proxy solution that shows sites visited. Hence I would suggest either Squid/Lightsquid bound to AD to map usernames to sites visited, either running on the PFS directly or running as a standalone proxy.

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