VM inside Hypervisor is going to be router, so what IP to give hypervisor?

  • I would like to install XenServer and install pfSense or rather Sophos UTM in a VM.

    However, I've a probably simple (noob) question: When you install XenServer, you need to specify an IP address etc. But the VM inside this machine is going to be my router, so how is that going to work?

    Can anybody help me?

  • Give your Xenserver a LAN IP, and your virtualized router gets the WAN IP.  For example, assume you have 2 NICs.  NIC1 is plugged into your modem.  NIC2 is plugged into your LAN switch.  I'm a VMware guy so I can't give you Xenserver specifics, but you essentially create two virtual switches, one for WAN and one for LAN.  Assign the appropriate NIC for each switch, then map the virtualized router to the WAN switch and give it your WAN IP address.  Xenserver itself is given a LAN IP and mapped to the LAN switch.

  • Thanks a lot! I'll try to get that to work with Xenserver.

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