Unable to create repository pfSense

  • Today upgraded pfSense from 2.2.6 to 2.3 current snapshot. Every 20 seconds I got a 'Unable to create repository pfSense' in the System logs.
    When I try to update the firmware I get 'Repository pfSense-core contains no repodata table, need to re-create database'.

    Someone know how to fix this?

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    Can you provide some more detail about your configuration?

    Is it a full install? NanoBSD? Do you have /var and /tmp in a RAM disk?

  • Used the 2G nanobsd upgrade file from 11-feb. /var and /tmp are using the RAM. System is an Alix 2d13.

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    Does it work if you set the disk to be permanently read/write under Diagnostics > NanoBSD?

    Does it work if you connect using the console or ssh and try option 13 from the menu?

  • Activated the option 'Permanent Read/Write' under NanoBSD. Without a reboot, the update function in the console failed with the last messages: "GMA user_version=2012; in file pkgdb.c:2394: disk I/O error
    Unable to create repository pfSense, Unable to update repository pfSense." System logs keeps show messages like 'database is locked' and 'Updating pfSense-core repository catalogue…'.

    Never seen any i/o errors with the 2.2 firmware. Must I turn off the /tmp and /var to run in the RAM?

    What can I do?

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    You can't turn that off on NanoBSD. It sounds almost like it's having trouble with your disk.

    I'm running 2.3 on my ALIX with a CF and its' fine, though I leave it set to permanent RW. I also upgraded it from 2.2.6 a while back. It's possible there are upgrade issues yet with NanoBSD but we'd need some more info, maybe a copy of your upgrade log from /conf at least

    Though the best thing to try would be to put 2.2.6 on a fresh CF, restore your config, and then upgrade again.

    Do you have any packages installed?

  • Installed 2.2.6 on an Sandisk Ultra CF 15mb/s, this gives boot problems with the Alix. Got a newer Sandisk Ultra 30mb/s and this boot without any problems and also the speed feels better. So before I upgrade to 2.3, I want to order some backup CF-cards, what are the best CF the Alix can handle?

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    There are already some threads around discussing that, best not to rehash it here, though the Sandisk Ultra 30MB/s is a good choice if it works fast for you.

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