OpenVPN with multiple subnet

  • I'm new with VPN and I'm working with the configuration show in attachment.

    • VPN status is UP
    • firewall allow all OpenVPN tunnel traffic
    • I create gateway and route for the subnets

    … but I cannot see remote subnets

    What I'm missing?


  • are you using NAT on the netgear devices ?
    then you might be missing routes for:

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Yeah, makes a huge difference whether those routers are performing NAT or not.

    If they are not, which side is the site-to-site server? It should be as easy as adding the proper /23 to local and remote networks on the server and making sure your OpenVPN firewall rules allow the traffic into each side.

  • I tried different things, including static routes, but without success (the problem may be related to the way the WAN interface of the Netgear Internet routers works..?).

    I solved by purchasing two switch layer 3 and configuring vlan.

    Anyway, thank for your answers.

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