Multiwan Version 1.2 - Rules for traffic that dont like load balancing

  • I have followed the Mutiwan 1.2 tutorial, everything looks OK, i have create a rule for send smtp traffic only to WAN, but pfsense stills load balance to this traffic, any ideas to start troubleshooting ?

  • Did you clear states and rules are evaluated from the top. Post a screendump of your rules if it didn't help.

  • This are my Firewall:Rules

    TCP LAN net * * OPT1 Falla    
    TCP LAN net * OPT1 net * OPT1    
    TCP LAN net 110 (POP3) * 110 (POP3) OPT1 Falla   mail pop3 
    TCP LAN net 25 (SMTP) * 25 (SMTP) OPT1 Falla   mail smtp

    • LAN net * * * Balance   todo compartido

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