Shared folders?

  • hey is it possible to view shared folders in a winXP computer if it's connected wirelessly? i could with my old router, but i haven't been able to with pfsense. if it is, lemmie know and i'll post screens of my cfgs

    thanks for whoever replies!

    EDIT: also i'm trying to connect on DC++ and i can connect to the DC hub wired, but not wirelessly, no1 can download or upload from me on it, including myself.

  • You might want to bridge your WLAN to your LAN.

    Otherwise you can access windows shares with the IP of the computer directly.

    What exactly do you mean you cannot connect to a DC hub from wireless?
    How does it not work?
    ("it does not work" says as much as "my toes are cold")

  • thanks for your reply, and i don't know if u stopped reading after i said it doesn't work, but i went on to say no1 can download or upload from me, but i've semi-got it working by joining in passive mode, maybe bridging the connection will solve that tho, let me try that and i'll let you know if it works.

    thanks again.

  • UPDATE: That fixed it and my DC++ problem! thanks!

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