Transparent firewall, new subnet

  • I have a transparent fw running fine, used the howto by trendchiller.

    I have some servers in the LAN with IP addresses ab.144.149.2 to 7.  gateway on all these is the WAN interface ab.144.149.1

    now I got another load of IPs assigned from the ISP in another range: ab.62.44.50  to ab.62.44.56

    question is: what gateway do I assign on these new IPs?

  • You shouldnt set the gateway to an interface of pfSense.
    Set the gateway to the next hop.

    The same for your new IPs.
    If the ISP gives you then he probably gave you the IP of the gateway (the next hop) too.

    The idea of a transparent firewall is, that you dont send traffic to it
    –> you dont use the firewall as gateway.
    Instead you send traffic directly to the ISP's router.

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