No access to LAN from OpenVPN client

  • Hi,

    I've read similar topic but I havn't found answer…

    I have problem with access to computers in LAN from OpenVPN client

    1. Public OpenVPN port is forwarded on router to private pfSense address -

    2. pfSene - VM on XenServer with only one NIC (LAN)

    • TUN mode
    • LAN interfacace
    • Tunnel network

    3. Windows 7 - OpenVPN client

    When VPN connection is established host has route to remote network

    network              gateway

    I can ping WAN interface on pfSense - but I can't any other host in direct LAN (

    Please let me know what is wrong :) Should I add rule on firewall or route?

  • I presume pfSense isn't the default gateway on your LAN hosts.

    So you either have to nat the OpenVPN traffic to LAN address or add routes to your LAN hosts for the vpn tunnel.

  • It was route on host i LAN I added route to and everything is ok. Thank you for answer.

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