Installation on ESXi server 6.0

  • Hey I was wondering what is going wrong with my installation on this ESXi server 6.0?  When it's loading it never comes up with the options like it did at home on VirtualBox.  At home it would come up asking questions such as did I want to assign vlans and did I want to use it as a DHCP server.  One big difference is at home I have it on a nic and here I don't have it on a nic - I have it on a vSwitch with no adapters because for now until I get it configured I have put it in a "safety zone".  Could this have anything to do with the fact that on the ESXi server I have it on a switch with no nic?  It just goes straight to the menu with options 0-15 - you know where if you pick option 2 you can assign an IP address.  The reason I need to be able to get to the part where it says do you want it to use as a DHCP server is I do NOT!

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.  :-\

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    So you don't have any vnics for your pfsense attached to the vswitch??  Does not matter if this vswitch is connected to physical world or not.  But pfsense is not going to ask you to assign a nic if there is no nics for it to do anything with.

  • Here is what I'm talking about.  See the screenshot please.  I really need it to go through the process of asking me if I want to use it as a DHCP server and it's not letting me and I was wondering if it was because of this setup on the vSwitch 2 not having any nics?  I do not want it to act as a DHCP server and so I need that question to come up.  The box itself has a WAN and LAN address, though because I was able to manually assign those.


    ![CNT 4931 pfSense2.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/CNT 4931 pfSense2.png)
    ![CNT 4931 pfSense2.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/CNT 4931 pfSense2.png_thumb)

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    Dude what nics (network adapters and type?) did you assign to pfsense so it has something to setup???

    See pfsense vm has 4 adapters given to it… See the one in the dmz it has no physical nic tied to the real world.. Still works..

    Also why do you have 2 vmkerns??  If you can get to console of pfsense... What does it show for your nics if you do ifconfig ??

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