WebGui Hangs at Welcome

  • Hello all,
    I have installed PF Sense ver 2.2.6 in Virtual Box. The PF Sense box has been set for 1024mb or RAM and 6 GIG HD space.I setup two interfaces on the pf sense box, one for the internal network and the other one bridged.Both are set to deny promiscuous mode. I am attempting to setup an internal network of virtual machines that can get internet access through the second interface of the pf sense machine.

    I can ping the PFSense machine from a virtual windows 2012 server. When I attempt to access the pf sense machine through the WebGUI on the irtual server I can get to the admin page, enter my user id and password and I get a dialogue box that states One moment while we start the initial setup wizard. Please be patient wizard takes longer to load than our normal GUI. I cannot get past this point. I have rebooted both the PF sense box and the windows server.
    Thanks in advance for any insight.

  • Unfortunately same problem here, same version.

    It happened after upgrading from version 2.2.4 through a new install using a restored config.xml.

    How can I bypass these Welcome screen?

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