HAPROXY - no frontend traffic

  • Hi,

    after setting up a new PFSense and HAProxy installation I have a strange problem.

    Configured a virtual IP on the firewall (if I packet filter I can see the traffic coming in).
    Configured a frontend on HAProxy , and a relative backend (just one for the moment).

    In stats, I see the incoming traffic on the virtual IP (same as packet filter result), but on the frontend nothing is passed, and same to backend of course.
    Any idea of the reason?

    Thanks for any help.



    If I setup HAProxy frontend bound to an interface (where I can specify a gateway) everything is fine.
    Seems something related to gateway on the virtual IP.

    In WAN interface I dedined an additional gateway for the virtual IP subnet.
    In the firewall rule I specified that gateway, I also defined a route for all traffic on the alias IP subnet.

    After all this settings, virtual IP is still not working.. Any idea?

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