Static IP per OvenVPN configuration

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    I have configured 3 OpenVPN servers on my pfsense. All three running the same configuration, just different ports en use a different subnet for each server. So whenever i am with a customer it will round-robin through the list and see on which ports it can go out and create the VPN. This system in general works perfect. However i want to give a static ip to some people using the VPN. I have read you can do this by creating a 'Client Specific Override' and enter with advanced options an ifconfig push command. This works, only problem here is that its general, for all the configured OpenVPN servers.

    So my question would be, is it possible to configure a static ip per configured OpenVPN server for a single user?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can do this on 2.3, you have the option to restrict an override to one or more servers. So on 2.3 you'd have three entries each set for one of your individual servers.

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