Cannot delete Schedule. Currently in use by

  • Im not able to delete unused schedlues.  System reports they are in use.  The rule name they refer to is not visible within the GUI but is in the backup xml file.

    This rule is not visible within the GUI. (ip addresses redacted)

    • <rule><id><tracker>1431070673</tracker>
      <tag><tagged><max><max-src-nodes><max-src-conn><max-src-states><statetimeout><statetype>keep state</statetype>


    • <destination><any></any></destination>
      <log>- <descr>-</descr>
    • <created><time>1431070673</time>
    • <updated><time>1431500071</time>

  • So delete the rule in the xml file and reimport it.

  • Probably an interface you deleted. That doesn't delete its rules by design. Can manually remove the rule from the config backup and restore it, or use viconfig via SSH if you're comfortable with that.

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