Help to secure my network

  • Hi,

    I have a basic pfSense network, LAN, WAN & OPENVPN interfaces.

    We have just had a device installed which is currently on the LAN but could be moved to a new interface if required. It is configured with a static IP.
    The device must be secured, it hosts a web server which needs to be accessible on the LAN, or more likely only accessible via an alias "myTrustedDevices". It also ideally needs to be accessible via our 2 OpenVPN roadwarrior clients.

    The device must not be accessible from the WAN and does not need access to the web.

    I am just wondering what is the best way of securing it? Is it enough to create firewall rule as below OR are they not needed as our rules default to "LAN > any", and WAN has rules for openvpn on port 1194 only

    Proposed rules to create:
    WAN interface
    Proto: * Source: , Port:, Destination: Device IP, Port:, Gateway:, Schedule: , Description: Block WAN to IP
    LAN interface
    Proto: * Source: Device IP, Port:
    , Destination: WAN net, Port:, Gateway:, Schedule: *, Description: Block IP to LAN
    Existing rules shown here:

    Is there a more secure way of doing it? Maybe by mac address?

    Any other comments on my rules. Is it safe to have "LAN > any" rule or should I be breaking it down as per

    Finally is it safe to allow pfsense to accept pings:

    Any help appreciated!

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    I allow pings,, But I would not put such a rule on my wan… If you want to allow pings to your wan address, then allow that - you have all of icmp any any there..

    And I would not be blocking bogon on your LAN... Why would you set that?  What bogon networks do you think are going to be on your network trying to go to the internet??  Or your other networks??  Doing so is going to cause you some grief because of what is currently included in bogon list.  You want to block it on you wan, sure ok... But lan not a good idea

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