Installing Captive Portal Intranet using ( Black Hole DNS)

  • Greetings all, I have been more than a month trying to install Captive Portal on an intranet but I tried it and read everywhere that without the internet does not work because the pfsense to not translate DNS not the Captive Portal works after several attempts achieves install version 2.2.6 of pfsense the Bind to the Black Hole as the tutorial with some modifications as the tutorial explains to previous versions, done work perfect to make a ping to any web me translates IP set by him in the Bind my case I have WAN which has a static ip which does not have internet connection and LAN, the ip you place in the Bind was spite of this I do not get that redirects the equipment and devices that connect to the LAN page loguin portal, I would like your help to see that I'm wrong and that as many turns to the problem and I can not the solution.

    Added that the captive portal use it in this way because it is no internet event so that people connect to a router and logging occurs to redirect to a Web (intranet) where they can do a number things. I know that is not the logic function

    Pfsense but all the more stable and functional tool that I got was this.

    Beforehand thank you very much hope your help and excuse my English.

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