Work has blocked Teamviewer…100$ (US)

  • I work in a college, in Quebec (Canada). Today Teamviwer is not working, even by the browser, which is a serious blocking…I have pfsense at home with some openvpn installation (that probably need a cleanup). I would like to use teamviewer or surf web by routing to my home then surf anywhere. So a solid tunnel should be done so any device that perform layer 7 deep packet inspection can do nothing, permanently.
    I have a custom dyndns running in case of renewing home ip. Also, I know that pretty all ports are closed at work, so we need to go thru 443 or 80.

    I offering 100$ to make teamviewer working  from work.

    Thank you,

  • I'm gad to take this up.

    I'll need more details.  Do you want to discuss via other channels? Jabber, skype, etc?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    I hope you get fired for circumventing your work's security policies.

  • @Derelict:

    I hope you get fired for circumventing your work's security policies.

    Why get fired ? I can't even browse a neighbor unviversity library website (ex: that exploit port 9003. I need to do research at home, after working time, even at night. Why that ? Because of a freaky admin ? And all the students are playing games in lab and chating facebook ?
    What this silly thing to block all ports in an educational environment. The network admin does not even understand what am I doing, when I search for electronic periodics…it is worse than restrictions in some countries.
    I told him to open some ports to do my research, I am still waiting, after 1 year.

  • zevlag, I sent you a pm. Thanks.

  • It appears to be a teamviewer problem, after investigation. Teamviewer have some issues with Orange provider. It is solved now, so I will close the bounty. Thank you.

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