50% interrupt

  • Hi!

    Out of nowhere pfsense is down, networking is partially down and I get this:

    last pid: 27254;  load averages:  8.05,  7.92,  6.72                                                                                                                                   up 0+15:14:43  11:22:38
    165 processes: 11 running, 139 sleeping, 15 waiting
    CPU 0:  0.0% user,  0.0% nice,  0.0% system,  100% interrupt,  0.0% idle
    CPU 1:  0.4% user,  0.0% nice,  1.2% system,  0.4% interrupt, 98.0% idle
    Mem: 195M Active, 1126M Inact, 240M Wired, 220M Buf, 2358M Free
    Swap: 8192M Total, 8192M Free
       11 root       155 ki31     0K    32K RUN     1 879:27 100.00% [idle{idle: cpu1}]
       12 root       -92    -     0K   288K CPU0    0   2:23 100.00% [intr{irq259: em1:rx0}]
    interrupt                          total       rate
    irq20: hpet0 em2                 4442784         80
    irq21: em3                       1729677         31
    cpu0:timer                      61914728       1126
    irq256: em0:rx0                    97965          1
    irq257: em0:tx0                   129266          2
    irq259: em1:rx0                  2418935         44
    irq260: em1:tx0                  2601845         47
    irq262: ahci0                     102554          1
    cpu1:timer                       2816328         51
    Total                           76254082       1387

    Traffic is 0.


    State Table                          Total             Rate
      current entries                      208
      searches                        14052524         7633.1/s
      inserts                           608167          330.3/s
      removals                          607959          330.2/s
      match                             617281          335.3/s
      bad-offset                             0            0.0/s
      fragment                               2            0.0/s
      short                                  0            0.0/s
      normalize                              0            0.0/s
      memory                                 0            0.0/s
      bad-timestamp                          0            0.0/s
      congestion                             0            0.0/s
      ip-option                           1138            0.6/s
      proto-cksum                            0            0.0/s
      state-mismatch                        12            0.0/s
      state-insert                           0            0.0/s
      state-limit                            0            0.0/s
      src-limit                              0            0.0/s
      synproxy                               0            0.0/s
      divert                                 0            0.0/s

    This happened when I watched movie over IPsec s2s…
    Started to happen this week.

    Any idea?

    If I reboot machine it hangs and needs to be manually powered off and on.

  • IS this an Issue with 2.3 BETA?

  • I don`t know but I have 2.3 installed for 2 months and in a last week this issue popped up.

  • MSS clamping is on?

  • No

  • Something's beating it to death on em1 from the looks of it, the "100.00% [intr{irq259: em1:rx0}". Huge amount of load on receive. What traffic you see on that NIC? 'tcpdump -ni em1' on console while it's looking like that. em1 your LAN NIC or?

  • Yeah, em1 is LAN nic correct.

    Funny thing is, there is NO traffic at all :)

  • What hardware's that?

  • em1: <intel(r) 1000="" pro="" network="" connection="" 7.4.2="">port 0x2000-0x201f mem 0xd0120000-0xd013ffff,0xd0100000-0xd011ffff,0xd0140000-0xd0143fff irq 17 at device 0.0 on pci1
    em1: Using MSIX interrupts with 3 vectors
    em1: netmap queues/slots: TX 1/1024, RX 1/1024

    Intel D2500CEE mobo.</intel(r)>

  • Is this still replicable for you? Haven't heard of it elsewhere.

  • This happened 2X when I streamed video over ipsec.
    Disabled hardware stuff in advanced settings and hasnt happened since.

  • Disabled hardware stuff in advanced settings and hasnt happened since.

    Could you please the friendly and tell us all exactly what you have done?
    Perhaps it might be that others also find this useful and/or over Google as a solution.

  • Disabled hardware offload, tso all 3  options in advanced section of the config…

  • Which of those did you have enabled before? The defaults, TSO and LRO off, hardware checksum offloading on, should be fine there.

  • I had all enabled:

    Disable hardware checksum offload
    Disable hardware TCP segmentation offload
    Disable hardware large receive offload

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