Ports priority

  • Hello everybody, sorry for problem but i want to ask someone for that:

    I want to deserve ports (27000-27100) [cstrike] on PF sense in my ICP, but he didnt know how to do that, can somebody tell me where in pf sense wbpage (at server of ICP) can do that? We enter some in (menu) Firewall but pings are still ~900~500.. maybe it could to make some priority? Please help me :(

  • You may want to look at the Gaming sub-forum, and the Traffic Shaping one too.

  • i made enter in :

    firewall > rules
    firewall > nat

    and it's work that i have lowest pings but not at all, sometimes its 20-30 and others times its 300-400.. how to fix it? and second question, i have splited ICP for 2 others, how to do this ports and using rest of inet?

  • Ok, did you bother to look at either of the things I directed you to?

  • If my pings were 500-900 i wouldnt look for a solution on the firewall but more within my network-setup….

    You should first get a general understanding of how networks work.
    I suspect you're kind of using the wrong firewall.

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