Feedback: UI Consistency

  • Using default theme on 2.3.b.20160227.1146


    System / General Setup

    • [DNS Server Settings] // DNS IP input labels should match "Services / DHCP Server / LAN [Servers]"
    • [DNS Server Settings] DNS Server 4 // Description should not refrence PPTP VPN since it's not supported.
    • [DNS Server Settings] DNS Server Override // Description should not refrence PPTP VPN since it's not supported.

    // Advanced options buttons vary in text, look, and hide/unhide capabilities

    • Firewall / Rules / Edit [Extra Options] Advanced options // Cannot hide once clicked like on "System / Routing / Gateways/ Edit [Edit Gateway] Advanced options"
    • Services / DHCP Server / <interface>[Other Options] Dynamic DNS // Different look and text

    Services / DNS Resolver / General Settings


    // Page will take a long time to load if update server does not reply quickly. It should load the page, then query update servers - same as in Status / Dashboard

    • System / Update
    • System / Package Manager

    // Align label elements with checkbox and plain divs
    [bootstrap.min.css:5 @(min-width:768px)]
    .form-horizontal .control-label

    • padding-top: 7px; // change to "padding-top: 0;"

    .form-horizontal .checkbox

    • padding: 3px 16px; // change to "padding: 0 16px;"


    // Adding an upstream gateway thorugh "Interfaces / <interface>[Static IPv4 Configuration] IPv4 Upstream gateway" does not perform the same input validation as in "System / Routing / Gateways / Edit"

    • Example: The gateway address does not lie within one of the chosen interface's subnets.</interface></interface>

  • i seem to remember something about the alignment issues:

    it depends on the browser type. If i'm not mistaken this was decided to be the middle ground that sort of looked "ok" with most major vendors.

  • I hope it can still be improved, because it looks a bit silly to me using latest stable Firefox and Chrome.



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