• I set up a firewall with pfsense rel. 2.2.6

    I have activated these services:

    • Captive portal
    • Squid proxy server
    • Squidguard proxy

    on board of the firewall are installed 3 interfaces: WAN, LAN, OPT1.

    on the switch I've created a VLAN on some ports and OPT1 is linked to one of these ports.

    I have set up captive portal for the OTP1 interface.

    when I connect a PC to a VLAN port of the switch, the DHCP I have configured on OTP1 correctly release an address, but the captive portal does not start and even if I open the browser pfsense allows me to navigate.

    I'm attaching the firewall configuration screen shoots because after two days of troubleshooting I can not find the problem.

    I hope that any of you has a solution because for me it looks like a bug.

    Best regards.

  • Hi,

    Good news : the captive portal works for thousands of us, so I guess it works.
    Good is also : we share the same code !! (version).
    Bad is : your images are unreadable …

    Advise : ditch VLANs and packages - make a clean install. Activate Captive portal on OPT1 interface and test.
    See that it works.
    Then : add your personal adjustments one by one … and test after every step. Add more when you're sure all is (still) working.
    When you reached the point that things do not work anymore, you will have detailed info about this last step.

    Just saying


    is a big ;D at best …

  • As above, your images have been compressed/distorted, also, 40+ views, and only 2 downloads of the zipfile, as you can imagine, I'm sure a lot of forum users are a bit unsure of downloading a .zip file from a poster with low post counts ;)

  • Hello, I apologize for the photos I've attached this morning, I attach the file again with clear, sharp images of the firewall configuration that I have prepared.
    Today afternoon I installed, step by step, the various modules of pfsense, but the result is always the same. The captive portal does not work and with the latest version, the proxy also gave me some problems.
    After seeing the pictures of the setup I hope someone knows tell me where is the problem.
    Thanks and best regards.

  • @advcorp:

    Today afternoon I installed, step by step, the various modules of pfsense, but the result is always the same.

    Ok, you installed step by step. So at what step did the captive portal fail? What tests did you run after each change you made? As Gertjan suggested, start with a plain install with no packages. Test you can get out to the internet using the basic installation. Then, add the captive portal to your OPT1 network. Test again. Does the captive portal work? If so, move onto the next part of your install, testing each time until it stops working. You will then know at what point in your installation process things start to break and you can diagnose the problem. You've said nothing about testing at each point in the installation, so nobody can assume anything else but that you didn't.

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